Book Review: Liespotter by Pamela Meyer

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“The best lie-detection tools are already right at your disposal if you learn how to use them correctly. Those tools are your skills of interpretation. You can learn how to listen for what’s not said, to decode what is said. You can learn to tune in to vocal patterns and tones, and to read body language and facial expressions accurately.
You can become a human lie detector.”

When reading the title of this book I know what you’d expect: a step-by-step guide on knowing when someone is lying to you. But spitting lies is not what you think, and this book is much more than that.

First: spotting lies relies very much in clusters of information – combinations of things you observe, as opposed to how much someone blinks or amount of eye contact or any other single factor observed alone. And there are more to lies than fabrication of facts, like the compete omission of facts or the spinning of facts for whatever reason. Whatever you think you know about lies, Pamela Meyer shows you that you don’t know as much as you thought, then teaches you more.

Secondly, Liespotting serves as a handbook for businesses making sure that the people in charge and their employees can function in an environment of trust, where deception and fraud and other deceitful acts don’t have room to grow in the first place.

Liespotting reads very textbook-ish, but if you can focus on the content (very easily digestible and plainly written – this is a good thing), you are sure to learn a lot of new stuff from this book.

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