Book Review: Manology by Reverend Run and Tyrese Gibson

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“So let me say one thing to all the women reason this book: The core of Manology is sharing the secret thoughts of men. Not justifying their actions. 

Again, with emphasis: This book is about sharing men’s secrets

Not justifying their actions. “

I heard about the joint venture of a book between Rev Run and Tyrese a few years ago when they first put it out. I wasn’t too interested. Not listening to much R&B, I was aware of Tyrese but hadn’t really gotten into his music. Rev Run is head of the legendary Run-DMC, but they were before my time. So music wasn’t going to make me buy like I did with Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Ma$e, DMX, and Prodigy.

I did watch Run’s House howeverRev Run’s family reality show that was devoid of the usual reality TV made-up drama and showed a rapper-turned-preacher who was now a happy and proud family man. Run’s House made Rev Run a slew of new fans within a generation that never would have known about him, showing off his wife and 6 kids all under one (big) roof.

Oh yeah, the book. The reason I ended up reading Manology was pretty simple: I was in a bookstore one day (remember those?) and I saw the book on a shelf. I leafed through the pages and caught a passage where Run was explaining his perspective on what made Jay-Z fall for Beyoncé. I agreed fully with his assessment and got the book on iBooks right there in the store.

Manology is all about the male psyche when it comes to women and relationships — from the after-club one-night stands to girlfriends to kids to marriage. What makes tria book better then the average relationship-advice book is that you get it from two perspectives.

Tyrese is the younger voice in Manology, sharing the playboy ways of his past and how he has matured into a one-woman man after having his fill of single celebrity life and a failed marriage (which resulted in a child).

Rev Run is the elder statesmen who comes in with the wise old man angle. Very disciplined in his approach to his relationships, Rev Run sees zero grey in many areas of relationships. Easy how he does this: Rev follows the bible to the letter and will not entertain anything else.

Manology is a book I would recommend to young men pre-age 25 who would benefit in hearing the experiences and advice of men who have lived what these readers will soon face.

As for women? Yes – women, Manology was written for you. It answers many questions that I know first hand that women have whe it comes to the way men think and behave. For women, Manology will save you a lot of time and probably at least one dead-end relationship.

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