Book Review: Never Give Up by Donald Trump (@RealDonaldTrump)

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“I’ve seen some people get completely swallowed up by failures. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to believe that bad luck is your due. It isn’t! It’s not just intelligence or luck that gets us places, it’s tenacity in the face of adversity. Some people see problems as bad luck, but I don’t. Problems are a part of life and a big part of business. The bigger your business, the bigger your life, the bigger your problems are likely to be. Being prepared for that will save you a lot of emotional turmoil, unnecessary deliberating, and even illness.”

Let me guess: you have an opinion on this guy. I know. Maybe you’re poised to vote for him this November. Maybe you hate him. Maybe you liked The Apprentice. Whatever your stance, when it comes to Donald Trump, you have an opinion. And that’s the magic of what he does.

Donald Trump knows business. He knows branding, marketing, sales, attention-grabbing, and making a comeback. These are as close to facts as opinions can get. For these reasons alone, you would be smart to read what someone with such a resume would write.

Never Give Up is another of many books Trump has authored; this one covering his tenacity and presistence in the face of opposition and adversity. Donald uses his real estate dealings and buildings he owns as examples in several chapters; in others he cites examples of speaking engagements gone wrong, party cruises, negative journalism and anything else that serves Donald Trump’s #1 asset: the attention of the people.

Rule #0 of Power is to check your emotions at the door; I always advise people to not allow the messenger (your possible dislike for the author) the get in the way of your absorbing the message (business and life principles coming from a successful person). The way you, in 2016, can receive Never Give Up will show how much you’ve been adhering to my advice.

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