Book Review: Obvious Adams by Robert R. Updegraff 

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“You have to tell your marketing story in the way which gets action.Bottom line.

Emotions are used to forward that goal. People “think” with their emotions, true. But no ad is worth anything to anyone unless it achieves and improves sales.”

I found out about Obvious Adams from an off-hand comment someone made on a podcast I was listening to (don’t ask me who or what podcast – don’t remember). I went and downloaded it immediately. I read the whole book in two combined sittings which would have been one sitting if the first wasn’t late at night as I was close to dozing off.

Robert R. Updegraff’s book – which, if I understand correctly is a (very) short story he re-told then added in his own points and ideas – is all about marketing and ads and copy (i.e. the words you read on any page whose goal is to make you make a purchase).

As the title suggests, Obvious Adams is to-the-point and logical, while clearly explaining the how and why of ad copy and what works.

The author is even generous enough to include a list of suggested further reading along with the advice to study all of them in detail. Which I like. Because I know most people won’t do it.

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