Book Review: Relentless

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“Few people know what they’re truly able to accomplish, and even fewer want to find out.”

“Closers are called Closers for a reason: they show up at the end. They can deliver in a pressure situation because they step up when something is on the line.

For Cleaners, every moment is a pressure situation, and everything is always on the line.”

Tim Grover has been famous to me and many other basketball players for years, even before I knew what the man looked like: Grover was Michael Jordan’s trainer, later becoming Kobe’s guy also. Grover was the man Dwyane Wade worked with in 2008 before his best NBA season (coming back from multiple surgeries) and his great Olympic run in Beijing. If I could choose one basketball trainer to take me to my highest level, Tim Grover is that guy.

Relentless, when I first heard the idea, didn’t really move me. I follow Grover on Twitter and he didn’t seem too clever with wordplay; I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy reading a book of his. There was no doubt I’d buy it though; any basketball player would want to read the story of a guy who was part of MJ’s inner circle during his heyday.

As Grover ramped up promotion for the book he introduced the concept of the Cleaner, in Grover’s terminology the fiercest competitor there is. This intrigued me because we sports fans always discuss the Closer, but Grover’s hierarchy placed the Cleaner above the Closer. That bit of information alone sold me on the book doubly.

Relentless is all about being the Cleaner. How to identify a Cleaner, how you can become one yourself, and what keeps you in that role. I recognized many, many principles I discuss in my motivational videos in Grover’s words and many of my own personal traits in Grover’s descriptions of both his clients and himself.

Funny thing about a book like Relentless is that it makes a highly competitive perish like myself exhale and say, I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought/acted/talked like that.

They say that if you wish to hide information it should be placed in a book, but I don’t feel Relentless will produce more Cleaners in the world. I think a book like this one will only reinforce the positions people have chosen to occupy in life, because that Cleaner role is not one you can just become from reading a book. But it’ll be interesting to see anyone try.

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