Book Review: Sell Or Be Sold by Grant Cardone (@GrantCardone)

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“No matter what your title or position is in life, or what your role is in a company or on a team, you will at some point have to convince others of something.Selling is used every day by every person on this planet. No one is excluded. Selling is not just a job or a career; selling is essential to the survival and well-being of every living individual. Your ability to do well in life depends on your ability to sell others on the things in which you believe! You need to know how to negotiate and how to get agreement from others. The ability to get others to like you, work with you, and want to please you determines how well you will survive. Selling is not just a job—selling is a way of life!”

Grant Cardone is a sales machine. At least, that’s the impression I get from his selling me on his books (this is the 3rd I’ve read in the last 6 months or so), listening to his podcast, getting my own show on his network, and the new ideas on sales he’s sold to me through the aforementioned media.

Sell or Be Sold, I’ll admit, underwhelmed me — at first.

For the first 150 or so pages (iBooks version on iPhone), Sell or Be Sold was your run-of-the-mill sales guide. Selling is everything in life, you must believe in your product, every business needs to sell… All absolute truths, but not interesting.

I almost didn’t read the whole thing. BUT, because I’ve already been sold on the Cardone brand name, I decided that there would be at least one useful tidbit in Sell or Be Sold. And dammit, I was right.

Grant touches on sales in everything he writes, but Sell or Be Sold is his all-in-on-sales book: he goes over common objections; mindsets for the best (and worst) sellers; even some easily useable techniques anyone can adopt on the spot (even a few I’ve started using successfully the same day).

Sell or Be Sold is a book I’d demand be read by anyone even considering entrepreneurship of any type in any industry. Every business runs on customers; a customer must buy; for them to buy there must be a sale. And you’re either selling them on why they must, or being sold on why they won’t.

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