Book Review: SNAP Selling by Jill Konrath

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“What gets sellers thrown into the “ordinary” category? Frazzled customers have no time for sellers who have only a “skin deep” understanding of their world, use one-size-fits-all selling, or fire-hose them with a continual flow of information about their company or offering. You’ll totally turn them off if you “wing it” or if you operate on cruise control. (They can tell—even though you think you’re being smooth and charming.) Finally, if you’re just waiting for them to give you directions about the next step, they’ve already written you off.

If even one of these statements describes you, customers will see you as dispensable. You won’t stand out from the other sellers who call on them. You’ll be doing just what they expect from sellers—which, quite frankly, is often very little.”

Jill Konrath wrote this book to help salespeople out with closing more clients on their products and services — and does it by performing surgery on the impotent, uninspiring sales methods that “frazzled” prospects don’t give a second thought to.

Jill shares the failures she experienced as a salesperson briefly, but spends much more time dissecting what goes on in the mind of people sellers frequently call on. These frazzled prospects have heard it all from salespeople. Thusly, Jill explains in excruciating detail, you need to be different from the average.

SNAP Selling covers the sales process from every single angle in textbook-like fashion, giving the reader an education in contacting, conversing, presenting, and closing from start to finish.

SNAP is not for a reader seeking a joyride on sales (that doesn’t even sound exciting): SNAP is a how-to and how-not-to guide on getting new clients. Highly recommended for any salesperson.

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