Book Review: The 50th Law

September 24, 2009

This is a review from my Favorite Books list; the link from which will be also on the Books Page.


“The greatest fear people have is that of being themselves. They want to be 50 Cent or someone else. They do what everyone else does even if it doesn’t fit where and who they are. But you get nowhere that way; your energy is weak and no one pays attention to you. You’re running away from the one thing that you own — what makes you different. I lost that fear. And once I felt the power that I had by showing the world I didn’t care about being like other people, I could never go back.”

When I heard that my favorite entertainer besides myself (50 Cent), and my favorite author (Robert Greene), were doing a collaboration, I knew I’d have to have it the day it came out. Alas, I ordered it on Amazon to save money and waited a week. A week later, my mind is 300 pages richer. If you have read any of Greene’s works or are a fan of 50’s work, this book is a great combination of each man. The 50th Law deals with the power-sapping abilities of the emotion of fear and how 50 learned to overcome this emotion as he rose to the top.

50th law

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