Book Review: The Cashflow Quadrant

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This is from my Books page, on which you will find reviews of all of my favorites.

“Am I building a pipeline or hauling buckets?”

I came to know about Robert Kiyosaki sometime in the early 2000s when I heard of his book Rich Dad Poor Dad through a network marketing company I did business with in college. I watched a few of Robert’s videos and read more if his writing (he’s written about twenty books in all) and have been a fan and student of the man ever since.

Cashflow is about how all of us make our money, and how the richest, most financially-free people make money; and how anyone can join them. Any further attempt at explaining how this book works would confuse both you and me, so read it if the first sentence in this paragraph intrigues you. If not, you know what they say about hiding information…

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