Book Review: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

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“It’s the littlest disciplines that pay off over time, the effort and preparation for the great triumph that happened when no one was looking. And yet the results are exceptional. A horse wins by a nose, but gets 10 times the prize money. Is the horse 10 times faster? No, just a little bit better. But it was those extra laps around the track, the extra discipline in the horse’s nutrition, or the extra work by the jockey that made the results a slight bit better with compounded rewards.”

Here’s the thing about The Compound Effect as a book: It’s not gonna tell anything that you don’t already know.

Here’s another thing: Knowing this, and being proof positive of the results of the compound effect over the course of my own life, I still bought the book and read it as if I knew nothing.

Why did I do that? Why read a book that’s telling me something that I already know?

Here’s why: Because when it comes to principles of achievement and success, there is no reinventing the wheel. We ALL know what we should be doing. Knowing and doing are two different things, though. Right?

At this exact moment, how many things are you not doing that you know you should be, that would get you closer to your goals? Why aren’t you doing them? We all need to be reminded, in different ways and from different people and at different times, what creates and sustains success. The same way one shower doesn’t keep you clean and fresh, hearing something one time doesn’t guarantee that you’ll act on it forever.

Do you listen to your favorite song one time, or just lift weights one time? Every time you do it, your memorization of the words gets a bit deeper. The muscles get a bit stronger. And over time — compounded — you become really damn good at it. That’s what The Compound Effect is about.

The little small disciplines that add up over time, aided by your consistency, is what creates success (however you choose to measure it). The Compound Effect is a very well-written reminder of that. Invest in your own achievement and read it.

the Compound Effect darren hardy

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