Book Review: The Impossible Manifesto

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“I started to wonder what was so compelling about movies that drew people like me to watch them. Why did I want to watch other people do amazing things? How could I be like them? What’s their secret? Then I realized: They have a story they are a part of. 

They have purpose, meaning, and adventure. So I stopped in my tracks and asked myself the question that changed things for good:

Are you telling a good story with your life? Would anybody want to read it?”

I am not the type of person who needs to read a book or watch a video for a motivational kick in the ass, but I like reading these things in hopes of finding at least one useful nugget of information or inspiration or an idea I can steal and assimilate. Impossible delivers.

I found out about about Joel Runyon through another writer who gave out a manifesto. and I must admit I like Johnny B. Truant’s piece a bit better. Johnny is a more personable writer and I could feel the person-to-personess of his writing. Joel is not quite as good at that but he gets his point across in Impossible.

Joel’s Impossible (it’s free — you can get it here) is about doing things that any of us, from our perspective, would normally categorize as “impossible.” It’s about defeating the thought, coping with fear, and going and making something happen. Joel’s point about living a life that someone else would care to hear about — the movie analogy quoted above — is my favorite part of the manifesto. A short read that you can knock out in two-three sittings.

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