Book Review: The Truth About Men, Women and Money by Kevin O’Leary

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“You must begin to think of your money as the very blood that runs through your body. It’s that vital. Money is a life force, like blood. You need a certain amount or you’ll die. You can live after a severe loss of blood, but you won’t feel well until you’re replenished. Thinking this way has made me very selective when it comes to parting with my money. That’s why I have no problem saying no to people who try to appeal to my emotions.”

You probably know Kevin O’Leary as the great Mr. Wonderful from ABC’s Shark Tank (and if you don’t, you should — Shark Tank is a great show for learning about business, and the only TV show I watch that is not a basketball game). Kevin can come off as somewhat arrogant at times, but arrogant doesn’t mean wrong: The man knows his stuff when it comes to business and people. His discipline when it comes to investing is clear on the show, both from his shark-like offers to entrepreneurs and his stories and words of wisdom shared during negotiations.

The Truth is an extension of that, a book where Kevin shares his knowledge and discipline about money on every subject from birth (more expensive than you think) to weddings (a huge money waste) to funerals (an even bigger money waste). Kevin doesn’t dodge any topic. He covers care for elderly parents, how to say no to family and friends (when you can’t afford to be generous — which is more often than you think you can), and when to be selfish about your money (always).

I don’t feel The Truth is a book for everyone; Kevin’s straightforwardness is too direct for some people who expect to be dazzled by a book written by a TV star. But it’s perfect for my reading and communication style. And if you’re seeking serious, practical and useful advice about your money (and making and keeping more of it) The Truth will set you free.

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