Book Review: Thick Face, Black Heart by Chin-Ning Chu

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“Thick Face, Black Heart is and is not about ruthlessness, yet you will learn that by adapting and adopting nondestructive ruthlessness, you will gain the freedom in actions necessary to achieve effectiveness in the execution of your life’s task.”

As a reader of many books on human philosophy and interaction, Thick Face, Black Heart fits perfectly somewhere between Robert Greene, Tim Grover and Machiavelli. As far as personal philosophy and “inner game” goes, TFBH is a gem.

Chu’s book can be boiled down in this explanation: Your life’s outcomes are 100% determined by the way you see yourself — and how you see yourself determines your thoughts, actions, relationships and communications.

Maybe you know all of that already. Then you really need to read TFBH. What TFBH does, is explain the how and why of every facet of life, from sex to money to competition to friends. Many of the principles I read in Chu’s boo took me back to the 48 Laws and Relentless and The Prince and The Art Of War, all favorites of mine.

TFBH is in my all-time Top 10.

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