Book Review: Wendy's Got The Heat and The Wendy Williams Experience

July 31, 2009

This is a review from my Favorite Books list; the link from which will be also on the Books Page.


“Always have your “FUCK YOU!” money.”

Wendy is one of favorite all-time radio people (along with Carter & Sanborn from the 802 and 90s on Power 99 in Philly; Steve Harvey; Angie Martinez ad Ed Lover). Wendy asks all the tough questions of her guests and isn’t beyond clowning a rapper as they’re sitting right across from her; which is why so many big-name entertainers have and will not EVER go on her show.

Her two books follow in this mold and do not disappoint. The first is more about Wendy’s life from childhood to her beginning in radio, how she got to where she is. The second is all about Wendy Williams the Star, with transcripts from her most famous in-studio interviews (Whitney Houston’s “crack is wack” session; the getaway driver from the Puffy-JLo NYC club shooting night). If you have ever listened to Wendy, these book are a treat.


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