Book Review: YOLO by Dawnna St. Louis

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“A monkey lives in her perch high above the jungle floor. If she climbs down, predators will get her; if she stays in her perch for too long her food supply will run out and she will perish. So all the monkey has to do is jump from her perch and swing on a vine. The issue: She is afraid to jump. She thinks, “What if I fall; What if I loses my way and can’t get home; What if I chose the wrong vine? What if it does not support me?”

YOLO is an great story of personal development and dealing with fear. That begin said, YOLO has something for everyone, because we all have felt the debilitating effects of fear on our lives and actions. Dawnna states that this book is for women, but she could not be more wrong. Even though I am not a female I read this short story and I know I am not alone in saying that anyone — male or female, young and old — can learn from and use the principles of YOLO.

YOLO is a fictional short story. and I never read fiction. I initially lent this boo to a friend who liked it so much that I decided that I needed to read it. It took me all of an hour — not only because YOLO is short, but because Dawnna St. Louis is a great writer and storyteller (fictional stories are hard to write!), and the pages just kept turning so easily.

Any person who has ever hesitated at the moment of truth, or allowed their fears to hold them back, or let the “What-If?” syndrome keep you on the sidelines, should take 60 minutes out of their life and read YOLO.

You’ll be glad you did.

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