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My Magnum Opus, Major-Publisher Debut

arrives February 22, 2019. And I'm giving away more FREE value to you for preordering the book than any author in the history of book launches. #SuperFacts

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1) Video Of Dre Reading The Introductory Chapter

My voice is my business. So I think you'll enjoy hearing me read my own words to introduce you to Work On Your Game. You'll get to see me too. Hey, I may even throw in the PDF of the chapter with it :)

2) How I'd Build My Brand, Starting Today [PDF]

I started building my brand (before we were even calling it that) in 2005. But how would I go about branding if I were staring today? I'll tell you exactly how, in easy-to-follow, step-by-step detail. 

3) The 10 Roles Of You, INC. [PDF + Audio]

There are myriad successful today people who've made themselves known exclusively through content creation and publishing. Here I'll tell exactly what roles need to be filled for your content business -- by you, and/or the people you enlist as help.  

4) The 8 People To Surround Yourself With [PDF + Audio]

As you build your team (or get not-needed people out of your circle, there are certain positions that need to be played -- and one person can't do them all. Use this guide to know what people you need to to have around you for your best shot at life success.


Order: Amazon | B&N | Target | IndieBound

All Of The Above, PLUS

1) How I Landed A Major Book Publishing Contract [Video]

And why, after self-publshing 21 books, did I decide to go the major publisher route for Work On Your Game? I address this question, plus all the steps to how I signed with a publisher for this book. 

2) The Writing Process For Work On Your Game [Video]

Writing a book via major publisher was a much different experience than I had with any of my self-published books. I'll share exactly why, and the full process, from the first word to the finished book, for how Work On Your Game came to be. 

3) Live Q&A On All Things Books [Webinar] 

Have questions about the publishing, contracting, writing, marketing, brainstorming, or any other aspect of writing and publishing a book? I'll answer all your questions around the process on a live webinar

4) How The Work On Your Game Podcast Happens [Video]

My Work On Your Game Podcast is currently my biggest and most active platform; thousands of you are listening every day and over 2 Million people have downloaded the show in the past year alone. I'll share with you how it all comes to your earbuds every day. 


Order: Amazon | B&N | Target | IndieBound

All Of The Above, PLUS

1) 15 Minute 1-On-1 Call With Dre [Live Call]

How can I help you? What's the biggest challenge you're dealing with right now? What questions do you have that you'd rather speak to me privately about? All of that is possible in this live call with me.  

2) Personalized, Autographed Copy of Work On Your Game [February 2019]

I will autograph and personalize a message to you (or the recipient of your choice) once physical copies of Work On Your Game re shipped out. 

3) 30 Days To Discipline Course [Online Course] 

30 Days To Discipline is my most popular min-course. In 30 short days, you will learn how to get started, follow through when things get tough, and finish everything you begin -- a habit of discipline that's life-changing.  


Order: Amazon | B&N | Target | IndieBound

All Of The Above, PLUS

1) Bulletproof Mindset Course [Online Access]

My signature, most popular and in-depth course, Bulletproof Mindset dives deep into the Discipline, Confidence, Mental Toughness & Personal Initiative that I talk about every day on my podcast (and that I address in Work On Your Game -- the book). This is the ONLY mindset course you will ever need to take, period. 

2) 60 Minute Live Session With Dre [Video]

Available for an individual or group, I will customize the experience for you: A presentation to your group or team, one-on-one conversation with an individual, live Q&A, workshop on mindset -- your choice

3) Shout-Out Post On My Instagram [@DreBaldwin]

I'll post a photo or video of you / your team on my personal Instagram feed @DreBaldwin letting everyone know that you've invested in working on YOUR game! 

​BONUS: Free Audiobook


1) Leave A 5-Star Rating And Review Work On Your Game On February 22

2) Send A Screen Shot Of Your Rating & Review To The Same Email Address  

3) I'll Send You A Code To Get The Audio Version Of Work On Your Game FREE Via Audible (*While Supplies Last!!!)

I know many of you listen to audiobooks just as much (if not more than) you read physical books. Perfect, because the audio version of Work On Your Game is read by me (of course) and I want you to have it. So leave that review, screen shot and send it to me anywhere -- InstagramTwitteror or email -- and you'll get the Audible version FREE while supplies last. 

NOTE: We WILL run out of these, so don't hesitate!!