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Worry and Bad Ideas Are Clogging Your Thoughts.

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Meet Author Dre "DreAllDay" Baldwin

Dre Baldwin is the world's only Work On Your Game expert. A 9-year international professional basketball player, Dre teaches Mental Toughness, Self-Confidence and Self-Discipline to athletes, entrepreneurs and business professionals. 

On YouTube since 2006, Dre has 120,000+ subscribers viewing his content over 40 million times. 

A Penn State alum, Dre has done 3 TED Talks and published 13 books. A Philadelphia native, Dre lives in Miami.

What You're Getting

Ask Yourself A Better Question: Change Your Questions, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

The questions we ask ourselves determine our lives.

Our lives - material, emotional, spiritual, and financial - are a direct reflection of our thoughts.

Eighty-five percent of these thoughts are both habitual and unconscious. Meaning, we are asking and answering the exact same questions every day, usually in the same way over and over again.

And since these questions are habitual and unconscious, the first order of business is to become aware of the questions. Only then can we change them.

That is exactly what we’re doing with this book, Ask Yourself A Better Question.

The improved quality of your questions will lead to an improved quality of life.

Let’s get started.

25 Reasons To Quit Worrying: Stop Your Automatic Payments on Failure

Worry is a habit that literally kills people. The word “worry” derives from the Middle English weryen, meaning to strangle, bite, or harass. This is what you’re doing to yourself when you worry.
I’ll give you 25 reasons and daily practices that eliminate worry. You’ll free up mental space and energy to do what you want to do and be who you want to be, starting now.

Stop strangling yourself.

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