Bored Gym Users and Waking Yourself Up

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If you go to your gym consistently, you start to “know” other members there even if you’ve never spoken to them.

The guy with the huge gym bag and gallon water jug.
The girl(s) with the nice butt who always wear tights.
The cute couple who work out together every day.
The too-Friendly guy who wants to say hello and small talk everyone.
The front desk guy who doesn’t even bother to make eye contact, let alone say hello.

There’s another I’ve come to know in the many gyms I’ve been a member of over the years: Bored person who’s doing it because they’re supposed to.

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I thought of this as I was leaving the gym a couple weeks ago. The gym has big glass windows, making it easy for passerby to see the action happening on the inside (and maybe be motivated to join).

As I was walking past the gym I saw a woman through the glass sitting at a chest machine, presumably between sets. She was zoned out, pretty much, and was awaken by me walking through her line of vision.

This woman is there all the time. Her workout gear, Beats by Dre (the other Dre) headphones and body figure all tell me she has some idea of what she’s doing in a gym. But she seemed to be caught in the trap of going through the motions. Her workout wasn’t stimulating enough to keep her awake and alert. I wonder what the rest of day is like.

Here’s what I’d tell her, had she asked how she can be less bored in the gym — the following apply to anything you’re doing that’s become less stimulating.

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  1. You don’t have to keep doing it just because you’ve been doing it.
  2. Get a more challenging routine that will keep you awake by its very nature of being not-easy.
  3. Change the routines in some other areas of your life – the frisson of energy from those will spill over into your workouts.
  4. Stay out of the gym for a week and see if you miss it. If you don’t, maybe you don’t need the gym (but can still exercise in other ways).
  5. Change whatever the hell you’re listening to in those headphones. Don’t start your workout until you’ve got the right audio.
  6. Ask that Black guy who looks like a basketball player how he always seems to have a bounce in his step. He may be able to help you.

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