Out Of The Bottom: Getting Away From The Average-Ness Is Your First Step

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Out Of The Bottom - Dre BaldwinMaking it to the top is a challenge. Getting out of the bottom is even tougher.

The bottom is where it’s comfortable. There’s very little attention paid, no (obvious) risk, and all your friends are there. Forcing yourself to be uncomfortable is not a choice most people consciously make. That’s why the bottom stays so crowded (ok, that’s one of the reasons).

When you make your move out of there, the attention finds you — and it won’t be positive. Discomfort will be high and you’ll feel isolated, questioning your decisions and thinking about turning back. The feeling of comfort has a very strong pull, coincidentally.

Your choice to move out of the bottom is one of the hardest choices you’ll make. It will be very hard to stick to. It will end up, though, as one of your best decisions.

If you choose not to move out of the bottom, it will end up as your biggest regret.

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