Break Through The Noise by Tim Staples (@micodala) and Josh Young [Book Reviews]

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I found this book while searching through books on marketing. 

The authors are owner of the Shareability company that helps people get their messages seen through highly shareable (and sometimes viral) online content. 

Break Through The Noise shares the basic principles of getting a message seen by appealing to the human emotions that get people’s attention.

Books like these are tough to write, as the landscape of social media changes all the time, and books published just last year can feel outdated very quickly. But many of the principles covered in Break Through The Noise are evergreen and — I think — will last through any era. 

The authors go into why content must be customized for each platform, when and where to give away the “punchline” of your content, and how soon you need to hook your consumer to make sure they watch the entire piece of content. 

You Should Read Break Through The Noise IF: You want to learn principles of creating highly shareable content that will get your message seen and remembered.