Breakdown: LeBron James’ Game 4 Performance

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We all saw it. Let’s take a look at some things:

  • The point guard drives baseline, while LBJ cuts in from the wing — this is a play the Cavs ran a lot with Mo Williams. Haven’t seen it much in Miami though
  • LeBron and DWade are great at catching the ball on baseline cuts and finishing around the hoop. Not sure why Miami doesn’t run more of those plays; though teams may game plan to prevent being beat by them.
  • The sweeping left-handed shot in the post is not a move you come up with out of thin air — LBJ has post game that doesn’t get used much.
  • DWade’s steal leading to a LeBron left hand layup was the play that started to turn the game into an athleticism battle, which the Heat will always win.
  • LeBron has surprised a lot of people with the floaters he’s been hitting the last couple games. again, those don’t come out of nowhere all of a sudden.
  • When LeBron collides with another player, the other guy is always the one whose momentum goes backwards. That is a combination of size and the speed LBJ creates when he moves.
  • If the Heat can get a big man that can set solid screens and finish if necessary, it would make Wade and LBJ’s jobs a lot easier.
  • LeBron is deadly cutting off the ball. The Heat need a ball handler that can create well enough to make it less of a drop-off in usefulness when LBJ is off-ball. Right now, LBJ is the best option to lead the offense.
  • LeBron’s no-look bounce pass to DWade for the reverse layup was more difficult a needle to thread than it initially looked on TV. The reply does it better justice. Remember that that pass needs to be fired in there so DWade can finish before the Pacer bigs react and try to challenge his attempt.
  • Watch LBJ’s ball protection on the and-1 he gets on Barbosa — wrapped the ball up with two hands, against his body.
  • The pass DWade throws to LeBron when he’s fronted for the layup is the kind of pass you throw only when the recipient is just too bog and strong to be stopped, even in a crowd of 3 defenders.
  • Joel Anthony’s blown layup was the missing piece to LBJ’s just-missed triple double.
  • When LBJ trails a guard in transition with the ball, you just know the block is coming. Impeccable how he seems to always get it without goaltending. As David Thorpe once said (and any coach will tell you), you cannot try to avoid a shot blocker — Barbosa could either try to dunk it, or pull it back and use his quickness… but you can’t beat LeBron in a race to the rim.


  1. Haha nice Dre

    You might be a nice ball player but I can say analyzing games is my preference but hey were all good at something

  2. Best Lebron moment: Flexing and yelling “I’m motherf*ing strong!!” after barbosa and1. You possibly have that complete video without it getting cut off? It’s in the last montage.

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