Business Days: A True Business(person) Never Closes

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Business Days - Dre BaldwinWhen you’re on your way up in a business or in building a brand, no matter the type of business it is, every single day is a business day.

When you are on that climb, your business or brand is on life support. The machine that it’s strapped to — you — must keep helping it breathe. If that machine stops working, all is lost. Your business requires constant attention and care.

Sure, in the future, you can see yourself being successful and taking vacations, delegating, not having any cares, being able to do nothing for a week and have it not affect your business. That’s a definite possibility and even a good goal to set.

That’s the future. All you actually own is right now. You must survive right now, and then survive the next right now- then the next, to get to that future. Eventually, the future you’re seeing becomes the “right now”. You will never live anywhere but right now. And every second you rest, you’re dying.