Can’t Claim You Climbed A Mountain If You Took An Elevator

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Can't Claim You Climbed A Mountain If You Took An Elevator | Dre BaldwinListen, I’m all for leveraging the efforts of others. It’s the smartest and most efficient way of getting things done long term. Kind of like taking the elevator to the top of a 50 story building.

I’m also a firm believer in the person on top having the skills to do every job in the building — and that can only come from doing every job just as well if not better than anyone in your employ. And when you’re at the top of anything, there will be competitors coming for you. The problem for you is you didn’t develop any strength in taking the elevator to the top. How will you fight off the people who want your spot?

The person on the elevator will get there first, but with none of the muscle and endurance of the guy who took the stairs. Who do you think will be better equipped to hold their spot? Who can command the respect of all future stair climbers?

It’s great to stand at the top of the mountain and look at the view. But that view has a totally different meaning when you climbed every step to the top of it and know what it takes.