Can’t Eat Just One

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Can't Eat Just One dre baldwin dreallday.comHave you ever opened your pantry to grab just one chip from the bag to satisfy a small craving? Or opened a bag you just bought with the intention of eating just a couple of chips, then putting it away?

Then the whole bag was gone.

It’s not your fault. We are governed by the Law of Inertia and simple momentum of action. Start moving, and it becomes infinitely easier to keep moving. Never move, and it’s hard as hell to move. If we never open the bag, we will eat ZERO chips. But as soon as we eat one, we eat 10, 20, the whole bag.

But this isn’t about nutrition. This awareness will help you do business.

Since we know that once you, or any human, does something once, or takes a small dip into something, it becomes that much easier for her to do it again/bigger/longer, we don’t have to ask people to do everything. We just have to get them to do one.

Don’t ask for 5 referrals. If your prospect thinks he can’t refer 5, he’ll give you 0 — even if he knows 2 — because you ASKED for 5. Get one from him, and you can get 2. Get zero, and you’ll always have zero from him.

Don’t sell the whole widget package. Sell one of them, then demonstrate how much sense it makes to get a complimentary widget. Before she knows it, your prospect has the whole collection.

You never don’t always have the intention of eating the whole bag, but once you eat one, it’s so damn easy to keep going. Get one agreement/sale/referral from your customer, and the seal is broken.

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