Cape At The Cleaners: You Can’t Save Everyone

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Cape In The Cleaners: You Can't Save Everyone - Dre BaldwinI was just talking to someone today (not the day this post publishes) about a life change they want to make. I asked a few general questions and got to the major factors of said change; namely when and to what. This person was pretty sure on what they wanted to do and by when they wanted to begin.

I laid out a basic idea of how such change could take place, what would be required of them, and how I could help them get there. I also added that the proposed timeline was longer than it would actually take to get started. After a long pause, the person said,

“I just have to think about it.”

Think about what? Who knows.

Some people are just not going to move at the pace that you would move. They won’t think the way you think; even when they agree completely with your logic (this person was dealing with inertia and fear of change over everything else). Getting annoyed with a person who rationalizes their own bullshit — even when they know they’re doing it — won’t do anything positive for you.

You can’t save everyone. Some people are just going to stay where they are, physically, mentally, emotionally. Trying to pull them up will only drag you down into the same ditch.

Remember that your #1 responsibility is to your own success. When someone else is really ready to move, they’ll come to you, looking for that successful person to mirror. Focus on your moves to make sure you have the qualifications when the time comes.

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