Mindsets For You to Stop Underselling Yourself


In my TEDxUNLV talk, “Too Much Confidence is NOT Your Problem,” I talked about people’s irrational need to make a show of humility. This need to not go too far costs people much more than what it would cost to internally boss up and take things to the furthest extent. An obvious manifestation of this […]

Can You Speak To You?

Most people believe in “speaking things into existence.” Great. What are your goals? How often do you speak them out loud to yourself? Unless you’re a deaf mute, you’re talking. If you’re not speaking your success into existence, what are you speaking? And where is it getting you? I have the manual on this coming […]

Don’t Get Motivated. Get Disciplined

Motivation is like hot water. Eventually it cools to the temperature of the room. Yes, Motivation can be reheated. But you’re not always near a stove or microwave. I’ll offer you something more reliable which also requires less upkeep. It’s called discipline. Discipline isn’t something you go and get every day. Discipline is a way […]

It’s Never Over: How the Mentally Tough Turn Loss into Victory


I used to watch those documentaries on National Geographic where they’d follow a pride of lions. You see the alpha lions grow, dominate, and be replaced. You see the mama lions hunt and kill. One of the most interesting parts, though, is seeing the baby lions learning to do as mama does. The lion pups […]

Why Life is Just Like a Cold, Rainy Miami Marathon

I completed the 15th Miami Marathon Sunday, January 29th. While sharing post-experience thoughts on Snapchat (@DreBaldwin), I analogized the race to life, since not everyone is keen on covering 26.2 miles in one shot. Here are the parallels for you, even if you won’t run to catch the train: Conditions may be unfavorable. So what? Winters in […]