CEO You Vs. Employee You: Would You Keep Your Job?

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CEO You Vs. Employee You - Dre BaldwinImagine you’re CEO of a company (or maybe you really are… actually you are: You’re CEO of the company of You), and you have yourself as an employee.

Which would CEO You do with Employee You:

  1. Give Employee You a raise — Employee You over-delivers in service for the pay Employee You receives
  2. Fire Employee You — Employee You isn’t worth the money, or the headache, of having to look after Employee You
  3. Tolerate the average-ness of Employee You and pay Employee You just enough that Employee You doesn’t quit

Whatever you spend your days doing, evaluate yourself by CEO You and Employee You standards. Are you worth the money? Are you over-delivering in service? Are you just there; not good or bad, and not even memorable?

What would you pay Employee You as the CEO of your company, remembering that you have to pay everyone else too, and resources are not unlimited? Also know that paying underperforming employees will put you out of business quickly, as will letting outstanding employees go underpaid and under-appreciated. And, a CEO who makes one too many dumb decisions with company money won’t be CEO for long.

Are you worth it?

Would CEO You invest in Employee You?