Most Certain: Whomever is More Certain Will Influence The Other

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Most Certain: Whomever is More Certain Will Influence The Other - Dre BaldwinThis is another principle I’m borrowing from Tony Robbins: When two people interact, the person who is most certain about which they speak will always influence the other.

This is not just about selling things. If a man approaches a woman in the grocery store, for example, whomever is more certain — the man in furthering the conversation over the phone or the woman in not being interested — will get what they want (yes, there are nuances to this, but you get the point).

Think about the best leaders whom you’ve dealt with or observed. They know exactly what they want, what to do, what they want from you — and most of the time they get it. That’s because they’re more definite — certain — about things than the people they influence.

Have you ever walked through a crowded place with a heightened sense of urgency? Maybe you were late to an appointment or someone needed you immediately. Did you notice how people seemed to move out of your way, even though they had no idea what was going on in your head and probably had never seen you before in their lives? The energy of knowing exactly where you were going and why — that certainty — is an energy that people can feel. It doesn’t need to be explained.

You’ve probably put together that this can be more than a temporary thing; it can be a principle of your life.

You surely know someone who is very certain about what they’re doing with their life. People move out of their way, sometimes literally. Maybe it’s you. All that you’re seeing is a level of certainty of what’s next. To have and to keep that certainty, all you have to do is know exactly where you’re going and why.

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