Principles Over Tactics

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Principles Over Tactics dre baldwin dreallday.comTactics are literally, actions. Do this. Change that. Do it this way instead of that way. Tactics are the lowest level of activity: the easiest to change, the most plain to see, most obvious to copy. Tactics are what keep people busy, not having time, flustered and frustrated.

Principles are overall the foundation of behavior, the ground a house is built on. Principles guide the overall mission, allowing for tactical change while still moving towards the same goal. Principles are the highest level of activity: Rarely if ever changing, not easy to see on the surface, super difficult to copy. Principles explain the what to do; while tactics trial-and-error their way to figuring the how to do it.

If you’re sick in tactical hell, raise your thinking to higher, principle-driven level. The tactics are fluid and always under the command of principle.

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