Your Change Starts Now: Decisions Happen In An Instant

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Your Change Starts Now - Dre BaldwinYou may have some situation you want to improve or change. Actually, I know you do — if every single thing in your life is exactly perfect, you’re the only one.

One thing, one mental block, that keeps some people from taking action is this feeling of despair, that it’s too late to get started. That some other guy did the same thing at an age ten years younger than you are right now. That someone told you you’re too late. I understand completely because I’ve had those same mental blocks at times in my life.

Until I remembered something: Your mind — those conscious thoughts you constantly have — work for you. You do not work for it.

Think right now of a time when you felt great and your positive energy flowed and you wished that feeling would never end. If you consciously think about it, you’ll start to feel like that, at least a little bit. What you did there was give your mind a command of what thoughts, feelings and memories to bring to the foreground.

The same way you command which thoughts get brought up, you determine which thoughts get sent to detention, which ones get suspended and which ones get expelled permanently.

Any negative thought habits you have are living in your mind because you’re allowing them to stick around. And they’re taking up space that can be occupied by the positive, change-inducing ideas that you want to have. But they cannot cohabitate. It’s one or the other.

Your change starts when you definitively kick out the bullshit and move in what you want. This is a choice. That’s why it can happen whenever you choose for it to happen.

What you waitin’ on?

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