Change Until It Works

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Change Until It Works - Dre BaldwinEven when you follow the blueprint of someone who’s been successful, not everything you try will result in massive success. So what will you do when it doesn’t?

Quit? That’s what many people will do. Very few will admit to this, but it’s exactly what happens: Effort slowly diminishes, they quietly stop showing up as much, and before you even realize it, they’ve disappeared from the scene. Toy Robbins poses the question of how many times would you let a baby try to walk before you shut it down? Exactly.

Keep doing the same thing until it produces different result? Well, we all know how that turns out. I wouldn’t torture you with that damned cliché about insanity either. You’ll be plenty busy and sweat a lot, but you won’t reach the goal of all that activity: Results.

Keep changing your actions until it works. Of course this is the only way to get there. You don’t change your mind (the goal remains), you change you grind (you find new ways to get there). Look at anyone in any field who virtually reached success and you’ll see this pattern repeat itself over and over (being careful to diagnose what the actual goal was — make sure you’re seeing it as the goal that person had, not the one you set for them).