Why The Chicken Crosses The Road

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Why The Chicken Crosses The Road dre baldwin dreallday.comTrue story…

I was running in downtown Miami today and, unbeknownst to me, my gallop approached where some wild chickens were hanging out (there are a lot of them in Miami). I didn’t see them, but they heard me coming and scattered off in front of me, quickly running across Miami Ave. Luckily, no cars were coming when they crossed the road.

Chickens cross the road and get the hell out of your way when they hear you coming and feel your footsteps. The same goes for your problems, difficult people and the challenges in your mind. Everything clears out of your way when you move with a definiteness of purpose.

Start with knowing where you’re going, and end with knowing you won’t be deterred off your path. My Bulletproof Mindset course instills this into you and makes it part of your day-to-day being. You ready for that?

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