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Chip Away The Excess - Perfection Remains - Dre BaldwinThere was a man who came out of his home one day to see a huge granite rock sitting on his front lawn. He had no idea how it got there, and it was way too big for him to move off the lawn. The man simply went and got his chisel and went to work on the granite rock.

A few weeks later, a passerby saw a beautiful granite elephant on that same lawn. Marveling at the work of the homeowner, the passerby asked the man how long he had been a sculptor.

“I’m not a sculptor at all”, the man replied.

But, how did you develop the skill to carve out such a beautiful elephant out of that slab of granite?

“I just chipped away everything that didn’t look like an elephant.”

We already discussed the Be-Do-Have concept many times. Becoming the right person is the first step in your achievement.

The person you see yourself becoming is already within you. And to get there, there isn’t more that you need to add, more stuff to do, or more information to learn. It’s you chipping away everything that isn’t aligned with that person. All that will be left is that person.

The doubt, self-limiting beliefs, old ideas about what you can’t do or who you can’t be. Let all of that stuff go and all that’s left is the person you have always seen yourself being.

The only reason you can see that Ideal You in your mind is because it’s in you. You just have to clear all the excess granite out of the way.

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