Classifying Criticism

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Classifying Criticism  dre baldwin dreallday.comAccording to Napoleon Hill, next to the fear of poverty, the fear of criticism is the most debilitating fear know to man. Learn to classify the criticism you hear:

A successful person who criticizes you will follow up that criticism with some actionable advice that can and will build you up and make you better at the very thing you’re being criticized for. Hence the term “constructive criticism”. The reason for this: a successful person doesn’t criticize with a goal of ridicule or bringing you down. The truly successful know that success is available in abundance, want company in the world of success and want to see you get there with them.

An unsuccessful person will criticize and purposefully ridicule you with nothing useful to go with it. The reason for this is, an unsuccessful person has no experience to draw on to pass onto you, and, like the successful person, the unsuccessful person also wants company: in the world of failure.