Come Back Here!: Why Your Friends Don’t Want To See You Do Too Much Better Than Them

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Come Back Here! - Dre BaldwinMost people, by definition, are average. Everyone can’t be exceptional — then the concept of exceptional wouldn’t exist.

If and when you make decisions and take action to be above average, the average people around you will become uncomfortable. Not because they don’t want you to do well. Not even because of the way their lives compare to yours. It’s because, when you rise above average, the average people are losing a friend. They are losing a peer, an equal.

The negativity and “hate” you experience from average people when you decide to rise above average is their way of screaming out, “Hey, where do you think you’re going? Get back here with us!”

Rising above the average in life is a walk into aloneness and darkness. You are, at least temporarily, isolating yourself.

One main reason a lot of people do not rise above average, even though they are fully aware of their ability to do so, is their fear of isolation. So they stay with the group: Again, by definition, average.

One guarantee of staying average is that you’ll have a lot of [average] friends.