Communication Is Your Secret Weapon — Or Your Kryptonite…

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I purchased a book two months ago. 

I heard the author on someone’s podcast and he was really good: smooth conversationalist, offered solid value and connected it all to his product (the book). 

On his website, the author made a great sales pitch regarding the book. He had me thinking it was worth $20,000, which is nothing compared to its $20 price. 

His marketing worked. I became his customer. 

The book was OK. Not bad, but not amazing either.

So let me ask YOU a question before I continue: how would you feel at this point? 

As if you were robbed? 

That the author wasn’t very good? 

Would you vow to never buy from him again? 

Now I’ll tell you how I responded. 

I don’t regret my purchase. I’ve read many books that were much worse than his. 

I’m not mad at the author. In fact, two weeks later, I bought two more of his books. 


Well, for one: this author is a professional copywriter. 

Copywriters make money by compiling words in such a way to move people to action. 

If anything, I wanted to learn what this guy was doing to make his books sell so well even though the value within wasn’t as great as he sold them to be. 

His professional title also explained why his podcast interview intrigued me (the “copy” in copywriting can also be spoken words— a video on a product’s sales page, for example). 

This man knows how to compel with words. 

A lot of people are REALLY bad at this. 

Understand something: Being good at what you do is important. 

But we judge based off of what we’re familiar with. And we’re familiar with words. 

A smooth talker/writer with mediocre value will go further than a mediocre communicator with great value. 

Maybe you think that’s kind of unfair. That’s because you haven’t mastered words (yet). 

We ALL judge based off of surface assessment and words. 

The cover of a book. 

Conversational skills on a podcast appearance. 

The product description on an Amazon page. 

Your ability to communicate determines how much of your value actually gets into the hands of the people you want to reach. 

That’s why I made my People Skills Course. It’s all about communication, leadership and everything that involves other people in life. 

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