Complaining Is A Habit

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Complaining Is A Habit Dre baldwin DreAllDay.comI received an email from a pro-basketball hopeful yesterday (not the yesterday you’re reading this) and the (paraphrased) conversation went as follows.

Player: Please help me find an agent.

Me: Go here on my site and read that stuff where it’s covered.

Player: That doesn’t help. Please tell me more!

Me: I just told you. Help yourself.

Player: Well I read it and it said “_______” (terrible summary of what I’ve written). So I just wanna know more, that’s it.

Me: (no reply)


What can we learn from this?

  1. Funny how the beggar wanted to be the chooser.
  2. I fucking wrote the stuff at the link I gave this ingrate. So I know what he was asking about was/is there. His dumb ass didn’t read it.
  3. Player’s not reading, ungratefulness and lack of understanding that he was asking for help that was not owed him but making demands at the same time were not one-time things. I’d bet money that his entire life reflects these habits.

Complaining isn’t a one-off action. Think about the last time you heard someone bitching about who-knows-what: isn’t that person always bitching? Now think of someone who never complains but finds ways of making things happen: don’t they always do that (or at least try)?

How you do anything is how you do everything.

Can people have slip-ups, make mistakes, be in situations that are out of their control? Yes. Does it tell you something when these mistakes and slip-ups happen consistently? Yes.

Don’t talk yourself into believing a person has changed or turned over a new leaf when their good nature or positive behavior is the actual aberration.

Habits make us who we are. Most people are unaware of most of their habits. Which means they have no power to alter them.

Which means, people don’t change.

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