Conflict, No Resolution: Using Negative Emotions To Your Advantage

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Conflict, No Resolution - Dre Baldwin

Everyone has different mental triggers that work best for them. One thing that I’ve experienced and seen, over and over again, is how people use conflict to produce at a level they otherwise wouldn’t reach.

Ever notice how people will tell you how they really feel when they’re angry at you?

Or how you can bullshit forever about completing a task, then get it done so quickly when you’re mad?

Or how a person who’s on edge forgets to be nervous or cautious or at stay within their boundaries?

Conflict brings that out of people.

I’ve found that when you’re working with people, it’s important to know what pushes them over that edge: you may need to do it, strategically, at times.

Conflict can destroy some people, especially when they don’t expect it or feel they’re in the wrong for its very existence. This kind of guilt makes a person perform worse.

But the stand-my-ground conflict (which we can trick ourselves into even when we really are wrong)? That’s the ultimate energizer.


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