Produce More Than You Consume

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I read books, take courses, re-read stuff that’s impactful, and watch videos that I can learn from. You probably do much of the same stuff. 

And we all know: there’s enough material out there for me, you and anyone else to consume content literally all day with no overlap. 

This is what most people do. 

If you want to be an impact-maker, though — the paid professional performing on stage instead of the ticket-holder sitting in the audience — you need to produce. 

You need to produce a lot.

How much is a lot? 

Produce More Than You Consume Dre Baldwin

Produce more than you consume. 

For every YouTube video you watch, record and publish two of your own. 

Every time you read a book, come up with an idea for a book you’ll write yourself. 

Give more than you take. 

Put more on the table than you’re taking off the table. 

The industry you’re in should be better off because of your presence and contribution; not lesser because you came in, took what you wanted, and left the cupboard bare. 

Anybody who’s “Somebody” follows this principle. 

Who do you plan to be? 

If you’re looking for the drive that’ll help you adopt this mindset yourself, you’ll get it in my 30 Days To Discipline course. 

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-Dre Baldwin 

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