Be A Self-Contained You-Based Business,
Keep It Simple, And Never Run Out Of Ideas
With Content Machine


It's the thing these days. Whether it be video (YouTube, Webinars), audio (Podcasts, Talk Shows), or written format (Blogs, Emails, Social Media Captions), anybody who's somebody online, becomes and remains somebody based on their ability to consistently create and share engaging content. 

Think about yourself: As a consumer, your days consists of constantly taking in content in one form or another, from 280-character tweets and Instagram captions to hour-long podcast interviews to YouTube binge-watching to emails written by your favorite personalities.

Content dominates our world. 

You've been thinking about getting in the game yourself.  You have something to say, a perspective that the world needs to hear, or at least you're figuring out how exactly to get it out there. Maybe you're doing so already, but you've been swallowed up by the ever-shortening attention span of a public who moves on to the next pice of content as soon as it's available. You've had trouble with creating it as fast as people can take it in. 

Yet, you know that consistent content creation is key to keeping your name out there and your message top-of-mind with the people you want to connect with and help. 

How can you -- 

Turn your knowledge, experiences and perspectives into content?  

Keep up a consistent pace of relevant and engaging content that holds people's attention? 

Master at least one medium (video, audio, or written) and be a self-contained creator whose audience trusts you to deliver? 

Convert all this free content into actual sales, customers and dollars that make it worth your time? 

I've had numerous conversations with would-be creators who've only been stopped by the above challenges. I know you have these questions. I know that there are no clear, actionable solutions that have made sense. 

Until now. 

Introducing Content Machine, my 5-module course (video + audio) that will make you a Self-Contained, You-Based Business while Keeping It Simple -- and You'll NEVER Run Out Of Ideas.

What's in the Content Machine Course?

In Module 1, You learn the basics of content. Why it matters, what creating content will do for you, and how content connects you to your ideal audience -- the people who want to hear what you have to say.

In Module 2, You'll discover where that content is going to come from. You will learn my secret for cultivating new ideas that become new material, and how to separate yourself from others in your space who may cover a similar topic.

In Module 3, It's time to get an audience -- and not just any audience, but the audience that has been looking for you all along. You will learn who to make your content for, and how to make sure the right people see and hear it for maximum effect.

An expert isn't someone who made a popular video or a viral blog post. An expert is established as the person on a certain topic -- which means you have to keep it coming. In Module 4, you will learn how to keep creating consistently and deliver on the unspoken promise you made to those who invest time into consuming your stuff.

In Module 5, It's time to turn your content, into actual business, meaning buyers and money. Whether you're looking for some supplemental, side income, want to start your own business as an online influencer, or are already in business and need to step your content game up, this module is for you.

What You Will Learn In Content Machine:

Module 1: Why Create Content?

Understand the basics of creating content. What it does for you, how it connects you to an audience, and the enormous potential waiting for you when you do it the right way.

Module 2: Sourcing Your Content 

You know the value of Content. Now, you'll have a plan for where your ideas will come from. Learn my tactics for producing these ideas consistently. And leverage what separates you from others with the same topic. 

Module 3:  Where To Share & Finding An Audience

Having Content is one thing. Now learn how to make people care. Apply the key to keep them coming back. And learn the secret to re-purposing that makes it EASY. 

Module 4: Keeping It Coming

Now you have to stay top-of mind. Learn how to turn everything into material and avoid creator's block. By the end of this module, You'll be successfully applying my formula for NEVER running out of ideas. 

Module 5: From Free Content To Revenue

You're creating and have an audience -- how do we turn that into business? Learn what ideas have the most revenue potential. By the end of this module you will know exactly how to create & sell products to your loyal and engaged audience. 

- Do you want to become a Content Creator?
- Tired of having no Audience?
- Ready to turn your ideas into Revenue?
- Are you a creator who struggles finding Ideas?

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