Negative Emotions Ruining Your Days? Could You Be More Mentally Tough?

My flagship course. If you take only ONE course, take this one. In Bulletproof Mindset, I dive deep — deep than anyone, anywhere — into the Mental Game. You will leave BPM (which you’ll have lifetime access to) with every Mindset tool you need to optimize your Mental Game, which opens up every other aspect of your game.

Want to Follow Through More? Would Consistent Performance Help You?

Many highly skilled people can’t get high-level results simply because their efforts aren’t consistent. People don’t know what to expect from them, because they don’t know what to expect from themselves. Learning to Discipline yourself isn’t easy. The 30 Days To Discipline Mini-Course exists to help you do just that, in one month or less.

Want To Be A Stronger Leader? Get Your Point Across More Clearly and Have More Influence?

Whatever your path to success, you’ll be dealing with people — and the more successful you are or want to be, the more people you’ll deal with.

Do you have the interpersonal tools? The communication skills? Can you influence people to follow your lead? Get ideas out of your own head in a way others can understand and appreciate? If you’re missing any of these, you’re not at your full potential. People Skills will make you a leader anywhere you go.

Get The Girl Course Dre Baldwin

Uncomfortable Talking To Females? Feeling Nervous and Fearful About Approaching? Missing Opportunities? 

There she is. You see her all the time, but she may not even be aware of your existence. Even worse, she is aware, and you’re losing time, clueless about what to say or how to say it. And… what if she’s completely uninterested?

These are the same thoughts that used to worry me into a whole lot of inaction. Not anymore. Get The Girl is the complete course to help your social skills when talking to females.

Want to Get Paid To Play Basketball? Have The Skills And Just Need the Opportunity? 

You’ve invested years of your time and loads of your energy into basketball. And it’s about time you got paid back for your work. But you just don’t know how — where to go, who to talk to, who can help you, and all the rest.

I’ve been there. I created The Overseas Basketball Blueprint to help you through the journey I had to take on my own. Now, you won’t have to.

Time Seem To Be Working Against You? Never Able to Get Everything Done?Feeling Unproductive?

The list of things you could be doing keeps growing. But the amount of time you have in a day seems to be resistant to change.

Between work, social life, and time for yourself, you feel more and more squeezed in by the day. What you want is some space to breathe, a clear picture of what matters and what doesn’t, and a life that focuses on results, not just doing stuff. The 25 Hours Mini-Course is that solution.

Second-Guessing Yourself Too Much? Hesitating When You Should Be Taking Action? Fearful of Speaking Up?

You knew exactly what needed to be said, but you didn’t say it.

Saw an easy opportunity, but you didn’t take it.

Looked yourself in the mirror — again — and felt disgusted by your tentativeness. Another day, another could-have-been weighing on your conscience.

What if you could snap into your most powerful self-esteem on-call? What if assertiveness, leadership and conviction were a normal way of being that you didn’t have to think about? What if you could achieve this in 30 days or less? The ASAP Confidence Mini-Course was made for you.