Crossover Disciplines: The Same Principles From One Success Can Transfer To Another

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Crossover Disciplines - Dre BaldwinThere is at least one area of your life in which you are incredibly accomplished.

You may have read a ton of books. Maybe you’re in great shape. Maybe you’ve made a lot of money relative to your peers. There is something about you, in some area, where you are truly exceptional.

Here’s how you can leverage that for success in other areas of your life that aren’t as good (yet):

Take the same principles, ideas, energies and habits from that area where you’re already great. Apply those in the same way, to where you need to improve.

Example: you were a superstar in academics and did great school-wise, but you’re not in great physical shape. The principles and habits that made you great at school, if applied to your health, will provide you with an impressively positive bill of health.

Take me for example. I work out double-digit-times per week. I would not accept going consecutive days without a workout, even on vacation. I can’t sit in a house on a nice day without at least taking a brisk walk. Anyone who has spent significant time around me knows that having a place/way to work out is mandatory for me.

In school, I was a complete slouch. I did just enough to get by, and I knew that was exactly what I was doing while I was doing it.

Had I applied my same fitness principles to my academics — and wanted to — I would’ve achieved like my sister did in school. Alas, I didn’t give a damn about my grades (as long as I graduated).

The catch is, as you can see, you have to have a strong want within you to actually improve that area of challenge in order to implement this idea. Because if it were as simple as just talking about it, you’d already be there.

But it does work.

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