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My Killer Crossover Workout Package has it all — the Crossover Program, along with 4 Crossover Scoring Moves Programs.

A strong, reliable crossover move: what every young/ streetball/ ESPN-viewing/ YouTube-watching player wants. You have arrived at your new home of instruction, learning, and drills. Welcome. Wipe your feet.

This is my explanation & tutorial of the basic crossover move. This vid (and a second explanation below it) is the basis of everything else you will ever do, crossover-wise.

A simple explanation of how to practice the actual crossover dribble: keeping the ball wide between the length of your arms, increasing the speed of your bounces (and losing the ball) as you improve and challenge yourself.

The snatch-back (or pull-back) move is a great move to use when your quickness has a defender scrambling to stay in front of you — you use her quickness against her by completely stopping your momentum. Three players come to mind that use this move very effectively: Dwyane Wade, Brandon Jennings, Kobe Bryant.

This is a quick 1-2 crossover move — also known as the UTEP 2-Step made famous by Tim Hardaway — that combines a basic crossover dribble with a between-the-legs dribble. A fundamentals-level move

This crossover drill is a long, drill-like version of the crossover that is shown first on this page. Practicing the move like the vid below (in one spot first, and moving full-court second) will have you doing crossovers without thinking twice.

Here’s a tutorial on the double-crossover move:

The Scissor Crossover:

Bang-Bang Crossover:

The In & Out Combo Move Crossover:

The Quick Behind-The-Back Crossover Move:

The Snatchback Crossover:

Scoring Options: Basic Crossover Move:

Scoring Options: Double Crossover Move:

Half-Crossover Tutorial:

Here are some clips from one on one games of me using the crossover. See my One on One Playlist for all for all of em. My Ball Handling Playlist is growing every week. My Driving Scoring Moves Playlist shows ways to put crossover moves into actual scoring opportunities. Always work on your handle.


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