Cut The Line: Go Straight To The Sources Of Problems

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Cut The Line - Dre Baldwin

The fastest and most efficient way of dealing with issues and people is simple: go straight to it and address it head-on. Usually you’ll find less tension and negativity than what you conjured up in your head, had you fallen into the habit of avoiding the straight-line to the situation.

How often do you see — because we know that you would never do this — someone refer to a person they have an issue with without ever directly addressing that person? They assume subliminal statements and ambiguous, passive-aggressive actions, when a simple conversation would solve everything. Trying to circumvent the issue doesn’t change the fact that it still exists.

How many times do you see someone with a certain situation they need to address, but instead of attacking the root of the problem, they’re addressing the symptoms? For example, if you spend days outdoors in the winter with no coat on, you’ll probably contract a cold; lots of sneezing and nose-blowing. What will fix the cold-catching issue faster: buying a higher quality of facial tissue or putting on a coat? The new tissue will easier on your nose, but alas, you still have a cold.

You can take care of most things in your daily life pretty easily of you go straight to them and get to work. Most of the time, you know exactly what needs to be done. But we humans are lazy and unmotivated and generally skittish when it comes to directness. This information can be a weakness that hinders you, or a secret to getting ahead that you take heed to and utilize.

Whether you go straight to it or avoid it, it still exists.