Daily Bread: Success Usually Comes Slowly, Day-By-Day

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Daily Bread dre baldwinIf you have a big project, or some big accomplishment you’re after, you may be able to hit a home run, getting it done with one blow at once. You know, all the famous people we see on TV seem to have had it happen for them that way (only maybe 10% of them actually did; probably a lot less than that in reality). Maybe that will happen. Otherwise, you can still do it, but it may take a big longer, require much more discipline and will have you looking quitting right in the face often.

It’s easy though: Do something, something, towards the goal every single day for a year. If, after a year, it seems to not be worth it anymore, step off. You can always say you put forth the effort and it just didn’t work. Fine. Most likely, though, after a year of serious daily effort, you’ll have made a significant amount of progress and the thought of quitting wont even come to mind — you’ll forget that it was even a one-year challenge.

The biggest hurdle, of course, is that most of you wont lost for a year. I put out this video and tell viewers that if they follow it daily for five years, the results will be a guaranteed high skill level in dribbling a basketball. I often get a comment in the form of, ‘Damn, five years??? How can I do it faster?’ Do you have somewhere to be? Let’s all say it together: If it could be done fast, anyone could do it.

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