Death To To-Do Lists

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Death To To-Do Lists dre baldwin dreallday.comTo-do lists can get long. They have no limits, and you always have more paper and more room on your digital Notes app. You can add as many reminders as you want. Which is why most of us have to-do lists that are never done, seem to always grow longer and not shorter, have long-sitting items collecting dust, and suffocate our brains with overload.

How about we end this epidemic easily?

Open the Calendar app on your phone. Or get a calendar planner.

Schedule your day in by time blocks on your calendar. Unlike to-do lists, calendars are limited to the 24 hours you have in a day, forcing your to prioritize your days.

Some suggest 15 minutes each; personally I know I want to schedule in hours for some tasks (hour for reading, hour writing a book, hour for a workout etc) and less time for others. Doesn’t really matter as long as you’ve moved from to-do lists to calendars.

So what to do with all those to-do tasks that won’t fit into your calendar?

  1. Batch together all tasks that take less than 10 minutes, block off an hour and get as many of them done as possible.
  2. Hire a Virtual Assistant. Not as daunting as it sounds. UpWork, Fiverr, and Fancy Hands are all great options. I will cover more of this later.
  3. Eliminate the long-sitting tasks that seem to never get your time or attention. There’s a good reason they never get attended to: They don’t matter.

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