Decide Quick, Change Your Mind Slow

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All the successful people that I know, the go-getters that make sh*t happen, operate this way. They can decide rather quickly if they’re going to do something.

I sometimes talk with people who are dealing with a certain issue I have experience in. I make a suggestion and get this response: “Oh yeah, I’ve thought about (doing, writing, saying, trying) that.”

Of the most accomplished people I know, none of them spends a week “thinking about” something. It’s either done or it’s not ever getting done. Period.

If you make the wrong decision, your instinct will tell you exactly what to do next: fix it with your next action. And a mind decided doesn’t flit around and unsure of itself. I know a lot of people who do this — make a choice then change their mind the next day to the exact opposite choice — they’re all living below where they think they could be (their words). It’s crazy how accurate this is when you really think about it and the people you know.