Decisions: What Are You Certain About Doing?

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Decisions - Dre BaldwinDecide the one thing you must do in this life.

Not a list. Not five things or a weekly and six month and five years plan. No, no, no. One thing. For life. It doesn’t have to be specific or measurable. It just needs to be something you can define for yourself. Something you can remember and remind yourself about on those long days, late nights and early mornings.

This one thing is a decision. A decision you make and decide you will follow through in, no matter what else takes place in your life.

Circumstances can alter plans and lists and wants. A decision is a commitment that is greater than any circumstance. Decisions create circumstances. A decision is a must.

Every action you take will be driven by your decision. Anything not in line with your decision shall be eliminated. Any thoughts of feelings not aligned with your decision shall be extirpated immediately.

Once you’ve decided, it’s already done. All you have to do is live your life pointed in that direction, and that direction only. Nothing is left to choice or chance at that point. Doesn’t matter how long it takes, because you have already decided the goal.

You just have to figure out what your decision is.