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If you shop at Whole Foods or have Amazon Prime, you already know that they’re offering grocery delivery now that’s virtually free.

While companies like TaskRabbit and InstaCart have already been doing delivery for some time, Amazon is doing its best to muscle out competitors, and Amazon is inducing its Prime members to take full advantage of the perks of membership (of which this delivery service is one). I finally tried it last week and liked the experience (and just placed another delivery order while writing this).

While I’d been wanting to use the grocery delivery option for some time, I hadn’t gotten around to it yet, and besides a bad memory I had plenty of good reasons/excuses why:

  • I like the exercise of taking a walk to the grocery store and back
  • It’s fun to get out and see the neighborhood and the people in it
  • I’m young and able-bodied; I can’t be that lazy to need my groceries delivered as if I’m some elderly person
  • Why pay someone for delivery when I can deliver it myself?

All those are valid reasons; I didn’t need to use Amazon/Whole Foods delivery. While it does save me an hour’s time which I can use for many other things, the bigger thing was/is my ingrained do-it-yourself inclination.

For Your Game

  1. People who go into business for themselves, people like me (and maybe you), have a common strength, which is also a common weakness: We do everything on our own. It’s easier and faster, we don’t have to explain shit to anyone, and when doing it ourselves, we can be sure it’s done correctly. And we’re usually right about all of that. And that’s exactly the problem.

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