Digging for Diamonds

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Napoleon Hill used this brilliant analogy in one of his lectures. I’ve paraphrased and changed it up here. And from now on, this will be my analogy.

You have some very valuable diamonds stored away at home. They’re tucked in a drawer, hidden from prying eyes. You go away for the weekend, and return to you street to see your house has burned down completely.

After dealing with the initial shock, the thought of the diamonds dawns on you. Those diamonds are worth more than your whole house.

What do you do?

Grab a shovel and start digging for the diamonds! 

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Sh*t happens. People don’t come through. Luck doesn’t show up on time. Your house burns down (figuratively, hopefully). As soon as you realize the reality of the moment, yiu can bury yourself in negative energy. That’s what most people do. That’s what we sometimes do without thinking about it.

Here are some things you can do instead:

  1. Be the strong one. There are probably other unhappy people around you who wanted the same outcome you did. Maybe people are expecting you to be sad or angry. The snafus are the times when leadership is most needed. You can be that person by steadying yourself emotionally and being the rock people can lean on.
  2. Be thankful. This step usually comes a lot later, when the smoke has cleared. You have several reasons to feel thanks. Notice who stands by you in troubling times. You realize you can handle anything and survive. There was a mistake somewhere and you learned to not make it again.
  3. Start digging! There’s a million-dollar diamond somewhere in the rubble. That diamond will either be food for the rats or the foundation for your next success. Grab your shovel.

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